Wednesday, July 1, 2020

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic there have been many circumstances which have led to fear and worry amongst the population. There have been job losses, unclear procedures, and, of course, many illnesses which have resulted in a general spirit of seriousness resting on the world. Now that the country has slowly started moving towards a new normal, there are many people who want to move themselves towards a renewed spirit of fun and lightheartedness. A perfect opportunity to explore one’s renewed sense of fun is celebrating the birthday of our country’s independence on the fourth of July.

As this holiday approaches, there are many people heading towards the beach, barbecues, or to whatever traditions they feel inclined to pursue. People will not forget the unprecedented times and circumstances we live in right now, but will focus on the good times and the opportunity to spend time with their family and friends.  As we know, July fourth is a celebration of the birthday of our country!  It was on July 4th, 1776 that the United States declared its independence and became a free nation.  

This celebration has been upheld for hundreds of years, and, while the world is getting ready to celebrate in a different way this year, there is one thing that always seems to surround the holiday and be a constant focus. That one thing is traffic.  The dreaded line of hundreds of cars waiting for what seems like an eternity just for the hope of moving a few feet. Traffic is the one thing that makes every family road trip seem endless and the destination seem millions of miles away.  It is the thing that makes every worker and well-intentioned employee cling desperately to the hope that they may reach their workplace on time. Traffic can cause even the most relaxed individual’s knuckles to turn white as they grip the steering wheel in frustration.  Traffic can make even a wonderful occasion such as the fourth of July become rather upsetting and stressful.   Little can be done to alleviate the stress of traffic.  While a person could hope that every driver will take their time and be careful on the roads, there is no guarantee that the roads in between you and the destination will be clear.   

If you are a stressful driver and need real relaxation this holiday weekend, why not release the reigns of your steering wheel and trust a professional to get you there safely so you have time to rest and relax.  ‘Your’ Taxi will get you to your destination safely and on time.  All of our drivers are background checked, fingerprinted, and have an outstanding driving record which makes them the safest hands to trust with your travel needs. While no one can guarantee that traffic will not interfere with your travel plans, why not let someone else be in control while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the holiday!  

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