Sunday, May 5, 2019

Kind Gestures go a long way

A Kind Word or Gesture…

Is it so hard to find kindness today in a very “self” centered universe? I can remember as child growing up in a preacher’s home hearing the words “a soft answer turneth away wrath” every time I got in a fight with a sibling.  Today, I hold that proverb dear to my heart as I watch drivers on the roadways daily, either in a huge hurry or just harboring anger issues.  Just having patience and a little bit of kindness towards fellow motorists can be that soft answer.

Probably one of my biggest annoyances on the road is the driver that is so self-consumed that they don’t care about anyone else around them when it comes to the use of high beams.  Being on the road at 5:00 am means you will not see daylight no matter what season passes. Obviously, it is easier and safer to see obstacles and critters in the road with your high beams.  When you come to a traffic light and there is a car on the opposite side of the highway blaring their high beams right at you, it is blinding and uncalled for. It is also very unsafe if you leave your fellow motorist partially blind for a few seconds because you are too ignorant to turn off the brights.  Try to be kind one time and turn them down and see if it doesn’t leave you with a good feeling inside that you did something kind for a fellow driver.

Another peeve I have is the unsafe driver that feels it isn’t necessary to signal.  Signals were factory installed on every vehicle for the safety of you as well as your fellow drivers. Most of us haven’t mastered the art of mind reading and if you decide not to use your signal and just veer over into a tight lane while the driver in front of you breaks harshly, you will have caused a pile up just because of a lazy impulse to ignore the signal feature in your car. If it wasn’t an important feature in a car, it wouldn’t have been factory installed and it wouldn’t be required for vehicle safety inspections.

Remember, a simple act of kindness on the road could mean the difference of having a really great day or ruining someone else’s as well as yours.  Kindness should be an inborn nature in all of us. We just need to dig down deep and find it each day.